Friday, February 17, 2012

Lifestyle changes

My husband and I are rapidly approaching middle age. I know 39 isn't technically middle aged, but when my legs fall asleep while sitting criss-cross applesauce you start to realize that aging is happening.  We've tried a variety of diets focusing on weight loss that have worked but once we got to our weight goal, the wine and pasta came out and we got fat again. 

We work out now in our home gym. It's been great! Tony Horton and I are having a crazy 90 day affair that is whipping me into shape for our Spring Break trip.  After 2 kids, my body needs a total revamp. My husband is strictly against plastic surgery so for my 40th birthday next year, there will be no escape to a swanky cosmetic surgeon office/spa for a nip, tuck and suck.  I needed to get into shape the old fashioned way . . work for it.  That's where Tony and P90X came into my life.  I was a classical ballerina, high school/college cheerleader, and overall healthy fit gal until I had the kids.  I was a member at LifeTime fitness which ROCKED, but my honey built a home gym and the equipment he bought really negated the needed for a gym membership. Bye, bye LifeTime.

We're both at happy weights right now but felt we needed to eat healthier. A guy at hubby's office has been Paleo for about 3 years now. He's happy, healthy, and still can enjoy great tasty foods.  So we decided to go Paleo not to lose weight, but to be healthier.  We want to be around for a long long time and hopefully, see our great-grandkids one day!

I hope this blog allows others who are new to the Paleo lifestyle and/or interested in just eating healthier to see what it's like for a wine drinking, pasta loving, coffee lover to switch to this lifestyle.  Enjoy the ride!